Race Tracks Rental

We have five 1/24 scale commercial raceways, one HO scale road course track, a HO scale Drag strip and a Pinewood Derby track.

Rent cars and controllers to race on most of our raceways. The HO tracks, the Pinewood Derby Track and the Purple Mile Track, also known as The Sovereign, you must have your own cars.

Rental of lanes to run your own cars with your controllers are available on all of our slot car tracks.

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Birthday Parties and Group Rates

You can reserve our Blue Figure Eight track with eight cars and controllers for your party needs.

You have the track and cars for an hour and we have plenty of table and chairs to sit down and enjoy some cake and a drink or maybe pizza after the hour of racing.

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Cars, Parts and Service

Modelville Hobby has cars and parts to repair or modify most scales of slot cars.

AFX, Tyco, Viper, BSRT and others for your HO scale needs.

For your 1/32 scale needs we stock Scalextric, Fly, MRRC and others.

Then with Parma, JK Product, Koford and others we carry a large selection of cars and parts for your 1/24 scale commercial and home tracks.

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Model Car Racing

Miniature auto derby, slot car racing are all ways to say the same thing, little toy cars that run on a slotted track. Some are little, called HO scale, the size of a Matchbox (Hot Wheels) cars, then there are 1/43th, 1/32nd and 1/24th scale which are bigger. A 1/24th scale car is about three inches wide and four and a half inches long. All of these cars are electric and you control their speed around a track.

Modelville Hobby with over 7500 square feet of floor space, might be the largest slot car raceway in the United States and maybe the world. With Modelville Hobby opening in May of 1965, we might be the oldest miniature auto derby in the nation if not the world. But what we really want to be remembered as the raceway where you want to go back to the most. Let us know how we are doing.

Model car racing has a home in Modelville Hobby. We have a little for everyone. We have an HO scale six lane race track, for those who might have a track at home. An HO Scale Drag Strip for those who want to go straight. We have one eight lane 1/24th scale track with magnetic braid for those who want to run their 1/32nd and 1/24 home raceway cars on a bigger layout. And then we have four other 1/24th scale race layouts for all of your commercial raceway cars. Plus a three lane Pinewood Derby track to test and tune your cars before the big scouting events.

We have the only Sovereign known to exist. The Sovereign made by American Raceway in April of 1965 is 220 feet of racing fun. Also call the Purple Mile.

We have a modern King built by Gary Greding in 2004. It our red track with banked curves and 155 feet in length it is perfect for those who wish to go fast.

Next is the Modified Figure Eight, also known as the Blue track. It was built in 1993 by Steve Ogvile as a replacement for the track that Dick Cafferila made out of an Emperor to fit in the space he had. It is 90 feet long and has split driver panels so it races more like two different tracks. This is our Party track.

Next is the Royal track with its 90 foot lap length it is a quick little track. Built by American Raceways in the 1960’s and a layout like a King but it runs the other direction.

We have an American Raceway Aristocrat, a Hillclimb with two crossovers. It is the newest track in our collection. Another track built in the 1960’s but rebuilt by Gary Greding in 2014, with a new surface and new Green sides it looks great and runs quite nicely.

For those with HO scale cars we have a 6 lane Scorpion available for your racing pleasure. Plus an HO scale drag strip.

And for the scouts we have a three lane Pinewood Derby track to let you test and tune before the big events.


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