May 1965, Dick Cafarelli opened the first raceway on Irving Square in downtown Framingham. It was a small L shaped store. The track was an 80 foot American Yellow, known as a "Windsor".

(Above) "The Windsor" 12 ft x 32 ft, 70 running ft.

The raceway was so popular, that Dick decided more space was needed. November 1965, it moved to the old A&P Supermarket at 380 Waverly Street in Framingham.

The extra space allowed the room for the 220 foot American Purple known as a "Sovereign" or "The Purple Mile".

(Above) "Sovereign" 22 ft x 63 ft

The purple track became known all over and slot car racers came to race on it from all over the United States.

Friday night races were held on this track.

Soon after moving a third track was added. The 100 foot American Orange track was a "Monarch" and very popular for weekly Saturday night races.

(Above) "Monarch" 19 ft x 36 ft

The yellow track was still popular with rentals and birthday parties.

Between January and April of 1978 the building was sold and Modelville closed. The tracks were sold, and it took time to find a new location. When 58 Union Street in Ashland became available, (1979 -1980) with the help of Peter Lentros, Dick got a 155 foot American Blue King.

(Above) "King" 48 ft x 21 ft, 155 ft

A second track was added and Modelville reopened. The track started as a 135 foot American Red called a "LeMans". It was modified by Dick to fit by removing a finger. It became an 85 foot Modified Figure 8 that was very poplar and known throughout the area. Thursday night Group 12 races (mostly Parma BrassKar) were run on this track for many years.

(Above) "LeMans" 135 ft. $4,495.00 in 1966

Around 1989 the building was remodeled and the raceway was moved down stairs. The basement layout resulted in less space. The Blue King would not fit. The Red track was setup and proved to still be very popular.

Dick tried to get a tub 6 lane HO track to run with braid instead of rail but had no luck. The track was like an Engelmann.

(Above) Englemann

For a second track Dick built a copy of a Windsor.

September 13th 1990 Richard Payne purchased the raceway with the Red Modified Figure 8 and the Windsor copy built by Dick Cafarelli.

March 31, 1991 the first Al Steven Memorial Race was held on the Figure 8 and won by Ray Lee.

September 5, 1991 Richard installed a Steve Ogilvie, of Canada, 140 foot Hillclimb (#122), painted yellow with a black surface. It cost $5,688.12 completely wired and set up with Auto Track II software Ver. 8.2.

(Above) Figure 8 track.

1993 Richard replaced the Red track with a copy made by Steve Ogilvie, track #257. It was painted blue with a charcoal surface.

(Above) Hill Climb Track

November 1994 SRT computer software was hooked up to the Figure Eight.

With the help of Matt Powers a T-shirt design was made and that was the start of the new Modelville Hobby logo.

(Above) Modelville Hobby Logo

September 17, 1995 Modelville Hobby bought an eight lane portable track from Ogilvie. It was seven pieces that would fit in the back of a pick-up truck to be moved and took about 45 minutes to set-up and take down. Ogilvie called it a Shoulder Eight (#336) and it took up a space of 9' x 25'.

Richard R. Cafarelli

78 of Port Charlotte, FL Died Tuesday, October 20, 2009. He was born in Framingham, MA on July 27, 1931 to Roberto and Aneisie Cafarelli. He owned a retail shop. (In talking to Dick in 2008 he had multiple Melanomas and was getting radiation treatment and it was not getting worst.)

These are some of the replies to a short note I sent about the passing of Dick Cafarelli in April 2010

Thanks for the info on Dick. When he first opened Ray (Lee) called me and we went up to race. That the only time I meet him but the impression he made was of a great person with a lot of warmth for people. It is sad how we all loss touch with people that we care about.

Larry LaBounty                                                                                                                          

 Very sorry to hear that and thank you for the update. Dick was a nice guy. Maybe a memorial race at Modelville Hobby would be a great way to honor him.

Al DiRusso                                                                                                                                   

 I second Al's suggestion.  Dick made a big difference in the lives of many of us.

Nate Bemis                                                                                                                                  

 I agree.

As a teen, I spent many Friday nights racing group 12’s on the Monarch (1970-71?) at the Framingham Modelville.

Kept me out of trouble for a while…

A memorial race would be a great way to honor his memory.

Scott Skinner                                                                                                                               

 Yes it would be nice to have a race in this Memory.
Ray Lee                                                                                                                                       

 Hello Rich and everyone: It seems Richard was an amazing man. I hope we can indeed have a race at Modelville Hobbies in his honor. Rich are you still working on a new location?

It would be amazing to have the first race the Rich Cafarelli Memorial. I'll be there...
Rick Raducha   Rapid Raceways, LLC                                                                                           

 Sorry to hear about Dick.  I have very fond memories of racing at Modelville and of all the racing buddies I met there.  And for a few years I worked at Modelville for Dick.  I'm glad to see that Modelville is doing fine and I follow the retro racing you guys post on Slot Blog.  I see Nate is back into it.  He's one of my favorite racing buddies back when Dick was running things in the late 60's early 70's.  I'm hoping to get up there maybe this summer and will be glad to see the Modelville folks once again.

Ken Stevens                                                                                                                                

July 24, 2010 after being closed for the month we move everything out of 58 Union Street and moved it to 280 Elliot Street Ashland. Again Peter Lentros came to help, by offering the rear of the building that Lentros Engineering was located in. The space was over 75 feet by 100 feet. Then the madness began.

The Figure Eight was refinished by Gary Greding with a new epoxy finish to race on and a fresh brighter blue side and fresh braids the track was as good as new.

Gary Greding’s G7 King was set up with its black epoxy surface and red sides it was one fast track.

The first Sovereign ever built was found in Texas, bought and brought to Ashland, MA. After about three weeks of time staking work by Gary Greding and Bill Silky the track has returned to running condition. Even though the track was in great shape for 45 years old it did need to be refinished and a few track surface panels needed to be replaced. The surface was sanded, rerouted, epoxy painted and braided. It looks great on the surface but the sides and an infield need to be worked on.

HO scale tracks were also added. A Brad Bowman built 4 lane Champion track with a bridge and one banked turn was the first one running. It was first set up with Scaleauto’s computer systems and a light bridge. A variable power supply was used to allow for voltage adjustments for different class cars.

A Scorpion track built by Buck Tracks was also added. This is a flat 6 lane track. A variable power supply was used to allow for voltage adjustments for different class cars.

The Model Car Magazine tub track is being repaired. It is hoped that early spring this track will be up and running.

There is a raise sale area with display cases all the way around. There is a large area beside the Figure Eight track for parties.


I went to Modelville Hobby on Waverly St. there was a Monogram Midget race going on. One of the racers was Mike Favulli, who in the 1980’s and 1990’s raced the #80 Cape Cod Aggregate NEMA Midget and even served as NEMA president from 1986 to 1993.  Charlie 8/21/2007