The NECC is an entry level series that travels to raceways throughout New England. The five classes that they race are all based on stamped steel Group 10 chassis with D-Can motors (16-D and Super 16-D).

NOVICE Class - For the less experienced racer using wedge bodies and a hand-out 16-D motor.

SENIOR Class - For the more experienced racer using GT-1 and LMP bodies and a hand-out 16-D motor.

4-1/2" STOCK CAR Class - For the racer who likes a bigger stock car body using your rebuilt 16-D motor.

OUTLAW Class - For your rebuilt 16-D motors with a much more aerodynamic body.

GTP Class - For your rebuilt Super 16-D motors with a GTP style body.

Click here to view the NECC results from October 10, 2008

The Yankee USRA is for the racer who is into speed. The cars all run wing bodies with spring steel chassis. Their slow class is fast and the class get faster as the day goes on. There racers have been call "Speed crazed moron".

BOX STOCK 12 - The least modified racer. The motor is to remain much like it came from the manufacturer.

PRO WIRE 12 - The motor can be improved for performance and reliability and no weight rule.

COBALT 12 - Cobalt magnets in a small can with a Group 12 armature. A poor mans Group 27.

GROUP 27 - A cobalt motor with limits on the armature.

OMO GROUP 7 - The fastest cars you might be able to watch. In a short phrase there is only one motor allowed per race. No restrictions on the motor or chassis.